Managing Director Samir Jain and Director Suyog Jain are shining examples of success in India's petroleum industry, particularly in rural areas. As first-generation entrepreneurs, they have proved that with determination, hard work and vision, anything is possible. Starting from a small retail lubricant business, they have built a thriving lubricant manufacturing and marketing enterprise. And with the success they found in the lubricant sector, they went on to conquer new frontiers in the tyre and tube distribution industry, turning Masterline Tyres Private Limited into one of the leading distributors in Maharashtra. With over two decades of experience in the lubricant industry and a background in commerce, these brothers possess all the qualities of successful entrepreneurs. They are young, dynamic, visionary and hardworking. They are committed to building Masterline into a global brand, and with their dedication to growth, there's no doubt that they will succeed. Beyond their business pursuits, the Jain brothers are also committed to giving back to the community, making meaningful contributions in areas such as education, health, sports, water management, environment, religious and cultural programs. Their story is not only an inspiration to new entrepreneurs, but to anyone who dreams of building a better future for themselves and for the world.

Mr.Samir Jain


Mr.Suyog Jain

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Why Masterline – Masterline is one of the fastest growing lubricants company in India in branded segment. In 2002, company had entered in Indian market with complete range of automotive products. We have complete range of lubricants like Diesel engine oils, Car engine oils, Two wheeler engine oils, Gear oils, Hydraulic Oils, Transmission oils, Multipurpose grease, Wheel bearing grease, coolants & all types of industrial oils. We believe that distributor is the real strength of the company. With better returns on the investment you will be at highest level of satisfaction.



1-Godown space for storage of stocks. 2-Delivery vehicle – van/tempo/auto. 3-Manpower for delivery , office , sales & marketing as per size of business. 4-Computerized billing system.

Financial Capacity

1- The minimum amount for investment will be to purchase of materials required for 2 month sale from company on Advance DD/Cheque/ Rtgs/ Neft 2- To provide credit facility to retailers if necessary.


1- Experience in distribution of products like Battery/vehicles/spares/ bearings/ lubricants. 2- Knowledge of the lubricants market.


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