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The Masterline Motorsports division was created with an agenda of taking our research and testing to the limit and developing products for extreme performance and protection of the engine. Masterline engine oils has been the choice of lubricant for not just racing teams in Formula racing but also for the extreme sport of stunting. Being the official technology and lubricant partner of winning motorsport teams and riders proves the ultimate performance of our engine oils. Even under these extreme conditions Masterline products have demonstrated exceptional performance and protection to the engine and gearbox. Our research comes deep from these extreme tests to finally develop products for our road users who can reap the benefits of ultimate  performance, protection and efficiency.

Rohit Shinde (Brand ambassador & Champion stunt rider of Masterline Motorsports & Performance division)

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1st position at Indian National Stunt Championship 2022 (Stuntwarfare)

Official lubricant and technical partner for Sahyadri Formula Racer team in SAE SUPRA

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We at Masterline Engine Oils are proud to announce our record setting performance with national champion Rohit Shinde (Brand Ambassador – Masterline Motorsport Division). The stunt motorcycle for the record attempt was running on Masterline F1 4T with synthetic base and high performance additive that gave consistent performance throughout the practice round and the record setting event.

Maximum Surya Namaskars performed by an individual on a moving motorcycle The record for performing the maximum number of Surya Namaskars on a moving motorcycle was set by Rohit Dilip Shinde. He performed 10 Surya Namaskars on a moving motorcycle in 4 minutes and 20 seconds, as confirmed on January 16, 2023.

The record will feature in India Book Records Publications wherein the title remains exclusive for each achiever.

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