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Applications: Masterline MCO portfolio include advanced, premium quality,
fully-synthetic engine oils designed specifically for the needs of motorcycles, including
high temperatures, high rpms and oils specified for both wet clutch and dry clutch
systems to deliver ultimate performance

Performance level: API SN, JASO MB

Features & Benefits:

Scootek 4T is specially formulated for gearless scooters with dry clutch transmission to
provide all-around engine protection. Scootek is blended with friction modifiers and anti
wear additives that keeps the engine ready for stop and go riding situations with healthy
and long engine life.

Pack Size= 800ML, 20L, 55L, 210L

Recommendation: To use in new generation 4-stroke gasoline scooter engines with dry
clutch system of all leading global manufacturers based on OEM approved viscometric
& API claims.

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