MLN 4T 10W-30 API SL

4T Engine Oil For New Generation Motorcycles

Applications: MLN 4T 10W-30 API SL is blended trom superior quality base stocks and performance additives that exceed the most demanding lubrication requirements of leading 4-stroke gasoline engines.

Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional anti wear properties protect vital engine and gear components leading to reduced maintenance costs
  • Controlled frictional properties eliminate clutch slippage leading to increased power/ fuel economy
  • Active cleaning agents provide engine cleanliness
  • Excellent shear stability maintains viscosity at vide temperature range
  • Effective rust and corrosion inhibition property ensures longer life of critical engine components

Meets the specifications: API SL, JASO MA2

Recommendation: Recommended to use in new generation 4-stroke gasoline engines in high performance motorcycles of all leading global manufacturers

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