Scootek 4T MCO

4T Engine Oil For New Generation Scooters

Applications: Scootek 4T 10W-30 API SN is a superior 4 stroke engine oil specially designed for modern scooter engines with automatic transmission and dry clutch system.

Features & Benefits:

  • Scootek 4T is formulated with special friction modifiers to reduce friction and improve fuel economy.
  • enduring thermo oxidative stability of the oil protects the compact and enclosed scooter engine compartment operating at high temperatures.
  • Cleaning additives keep the engine free from performance and efficiency dragging deposits.
  • Superior anti-wear additives protect the highly stressed engine components leading to reduced

    maintenance costs.

  • Effective rust and corrosion inhibition property ensures longer life of critical engine components.

Specifications: Meets API SN, JASO MB standards

Recommendation: Recommended to use in engines of modern 4-stroke automatic scooters.

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